Bernie Sanders is a BEAST – Bold Leadership

Bernie Sanders is angry. BERNIE SANDERS IS BADASS. Bernie Sanders is Beast.

Bernie Sanders vs ISIS

Do the Bernie Bongo

Bernie is a Beast (***NO MUSIC***)


Military Spending Rant, Bernie Sanders “No, I Will Not Yield!” (6:4:1992)
Homos in the military @sensanders You have insulted thousands (House floor May 11 1995 Rep Cunningham)
Bernie Sanders vs. Alan Greenspan (Best Video Quality)
Bernie Sanders Passionate, Angry Speech from 1992 About the Helping the 99%
Bernie Sanders Blasts Billionaire Taxcuts (4:13:2005)
Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist
Bernie Sanders Vows to Break Up Banks
Angry, Disgusted, Frustrated
Bernie Sanders Blasts Banker Bailouts…in 1991!
Sen. Bernie Sanders – Part 1 (@Uniteds Steel Workers)
Bernie Sanders | Don’t Underestimate Me!

Editing by Matt Orfalea

Music: “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan

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