Cultural Leadership International Part

In 2009 the British Council launched Cultural Leadership International, a programme to develop and nurture leadership in the cultural sector. The programme gives cultural practitioners around the world the opportunity to take part in international work exchanges, debate, research and collaboration. It provides a platform for an open and creative exchange of ideas between next generation cultural leaders from many different countries, giving them the chance to experience and learn from other cultural practices, and to work together to tackle both local and global issues
The aim is to equip these future leaders with tools and ideas which will enable them to drive development and positive change in society.
The programme has supported strong international collaboration and partnership between a broad range of individuals and institutions. Due to the success of the pilot year, the British Council looks forward to expanding the programmes activities to support next generation leaders across different countries and sectors
1.Working in a global context
2.Defining cultural leadership
3.Regional perspectives: transatlantic model
4.Regional perspectives: Middle East

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