THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! (Transformers Themed Inspirational Video)

This is a transformers themed inspirational video I made. I was scrolling across a comment section and found some very inspirational text so I decided to make it a video.
The music came from Transformers and is under the ownership of Warner Bros and the Movie and Transformers franchise is owned by Hasbro.
Main Clip:
The main background visuals are from the movie Noah made by Paramount Pictures, the link is given above.
The speech was written By: ReduxEditor335
Channel Link:
I found it on Optimus score video here:
(“The race of the Homosapiens, yes I have seen their violence,
cruelty and greed. However, don’t forget that they are 200,000 years
into their existence. They are still a young species with much to learn.
Sometimes they repeat their mistakes and do not see, or in some cases refuse to see the mistakes they have made. But even in their darkest histories, I have seen goodness in them. I have seen their capacity for compassion, wisdom, courage, honor, love and truth. In fact, the wisest teachers on this planet have always said in someway or another, that a true human is ALL of the aforementioned virtues. Sadly like some of our kind, some of them forgot to keep all of these in their souls. Some of them became monsters, like Megatron. Some of these monsters actually ruled in some parts of Earth’s chronicles, today.. a few still do. That said, many did learn from the mistakes of the past, there were those who even had foresight, and strived to enrich this world. Remember, freedom is the right of all sentient beings. More importantly it is a privilege, many have honored it and do honor it today, some have greatly abused it. Even denied it to others, for various and ludicrous reasons such as prejudice. Whether freedom is a right or privilege, no one has the right to take it away from others. Criminals, corrupt leaders and lords who abuse the rights of freedom will get what’s coming to them. This is one of the reasons why beings like us exist, we may be aliens to this planet. But we still have a responsibility. We have to save them from our war. But even though we are strangers, sometimes a stranger can be a great teacher, even savior. And perhaps soon it will be up to us to remind them of where they stand, so then they have more knowledge on how to make progress as a civilization. So they can finally be one with each other. Like how we once were, before the Decepticons… When we were peaceful and just… And I promise you,
we will be again peaceful and just.”)
I didn’t read it completely word for word, I improvised a bit.
Begining timelapse link:

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