Women should take life head on : Successful Women Entrepreneur

Delhi Management Association (DMA), Delhi in collaboration with Indus Business Academy (IBA) organised “3rd Women Entrepreneurship Conference” India Habitat Centre, New during which renowned Women Entrepreneurs, Subject Experts and Senior Management Professionals of repute shared their experiences and brain storm on the theme “Empowering the Nation through Women Entrepreneurship”. Nation building is a responsibility of every citizen. Entrepreneurship is one of the ways to achieve it. Entrepreneurship facilitates empowerment and vice versa. Linkage between women entrepreneurship, empowerment is a multi dimensional concept. Economies lose out when a substantial part of their population cannot compete equitably or achieve its full potential. If the nations could unleash the potential of women entrepreneurs especially based out of rural areas, the effects on economy, employment, health and well-being of families and societies etc. would be humongous. Women entrepreneurs in cites even today still face systemic barriers that impede their capacity to start and consolidate a business that can generate productive and decent work. The challenges in rural areas are tremendous for women entrepreneurs. CSR activities have in a way helped towards the welfare of the society and creating many avenues for the budding rural women entrepreneurs. The one day conference addressed the issues and impediments which act as a road block towards successful women entrepreneurship. It also intended to create an ethos where women can connect with one another, share best practices, build business opportunities and recognize female influence in emerging business scenario in the country.

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