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End closures and Bends
Horizontal End closures
Horizontal end closure are generally manufactured from galvanized tube. Standard 90 degree closure bend has 140mm radius bends have 300/260mm legs at 457mm centres. NOTE: Position of horizontal closure bend to stanchion, handrail, knee rail. NOTE: Knee rail extension giving support to bottom leg of bend.
Angle End closures
Angle end closure have 140mm radius bends with300/260mm legs at 457mm centres. Angle end closure are made to order with angle nomi- nated to any angle between 1 degree and 45 degrees. NOTE: Position of angle closure bend to stanchion, handrail, knee rail. Top and bottom end- closure bends are not interchangeable.
90° Bends
Standard 90 degree bend has 140mm radius with300mm legs. Non– Standard 90 degree bend has140mm radius.
Angle Bends
Standard angle bends have a 140mm radius with300mm long legs. The angles can be made to suit customer requirements. Always specify angles as shown. Anon standard angle bend has a 140mm radius.
Selections of Materials:
Steel: This is the most commonly used material and is used in all types of applications.
Aluminum: Aluminum is usually used when weight or corrosion is an issue or in conditions where steel is unsuitable. Aluminum handrailing is commonly used in sewerage treatment facilities and commercial and architectural applications.
Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel 304 and 316 are available
Surface Treatment
Steel handrail is most cases Galvanized to EN ISO 1461 to protect against corrosion or available Powder Coated
Aluminium handrail can be anodized, Powder Coated or left as Mill Finish.
Stainless steel handrail is Electro-Polished
DIAMOND™ Handrail
The basis of the system is the "ball type" handrail standard, used as a seperate component to support the rail. The system has several advantages;
- expensive on-site fabrication is minimised
- erection can be accomplished by using simple tools
- the system is flexible, allowing repairs, extensions and modifications to be made at low cost.
- components can be bundled efficiently for shipment
» Fertilizer Plants   
» Chemical Plants
» Oil & Gas Refineries
» Power Plants
» Sugar Mills    
» Pharmaceutical Factories
» Cement Plants    
» Sewage Treatment Plants
» Tank walk ways & stairs  
» Mezzanine Floors
» Side walks    
» Overhead crane cages
» Railway service walks     
» Conveyor systems
» Engineering Design Service
» Industrial Applications.
Excellent corrosion resistance
High strength-to-weight ratio
Can be customised on site
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Naturally attractive
Easily recycled
alunimium elbow support standards

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