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1.Product Introduction
The process for the Full scale Formaldehyde Emission Chamber to test the emission of contaminants can be summarized as: put materials and products or their samples into the test chamber, and then adjust the environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and air exchange rate inside the chamber according to requirements, and then take samples at the air outlet of the environmental chamber or from the inside, and then adopt proper methods to analyze the air sample so as to identify the main contaminants and changes of their densities with times, and finally determine the emission rate and emission features of materials and products according to the tested densities.
Full scale Formaldehyde Emission Chamber can provide standard testing environment (such as appointed temperature, relative humidity, air exchange rate and airflow rate) or simulate real indoor environment, and test the pollutant release rate and release properties of various indoor materials and products. Then it can:
*Confirm the influence of environment variables on the release rate and release properties of materials and products; l *Grade materials and products according to their release properties; l
*Develop and validate the proposed model of indoor air pollution; l
*Evaluate indoor air quality (IAQ) according to the data and proposed model of indoor pollutants;
2.Standards to comply:
Full scale Formaldehyde Emission Chamber should satisfy the following test standards:
*GB18580-2001" Formaldehyde Emission of Man-made Board and Its Products"
*GB18584-2001 "Indoor Decorating and Renovating Materials  Limits of Harmful Substances in Wooden Furniture"
*Gb18587-2001 "Indoor Decorating and Renovating Materials Releasing limitation of Harmful Substances from Carpet, Carpet Pad and Carpet Adhesive"
*ASTM D6007-02 "Standard Test Methods for Determination of Formaldehyde Concentration in Gases Released from Wood Products with Small Scale Environmental Chamber"
*ASTM E1333-96 "Standard Test Methods for Determination of Formaldehyde Concentration and Release Rate in Gases Released from Wood Products with Large Scale Environmental Chamber"
*ENV717-1 "Environmental Chamber Method for Measurement of Formaldehyde Emission of Man made Board"
LY/T1980-2011 “Detection box for release quality of VOC and formaldehyde with gas analysis method”
LY/T1982-2011 “Large climate chamber for detection of release quantity of formaldehyde from man made board and its products.
3.Full scale Formaldehyde Emission Chamber in customer’s testing labs:

Product Model V-3000 V-5000 V-8000 V-10000 V-12000 V-15000 V-24000 V-30000 V-72000
Volume of chamber(W×D×H) M 1.5*1.35*1.5 1.67*1.5*2 2*1.6*2.5 2.5*1.6*2.5 3*1.6*2.5 3.2*2*2.5 3*3.2*2.5 3*4*2.5 3*6*4
Door dimension(H*W) M 1.2*0.8 1.8*0.9 1.9*0.9 1.9*1.1
Environmental temp 5~ 35°C
Environmental humidity ≤ 90% R.H
Requirements for Environmental No pollutant source in the surrounding
Temp adjust range 15~ 40°C  high temperature cleaning above 70°C
Humidity adjust range 40~70%R.H.(20°C ~30°C )
Air Pressure 10±5pa
Temp fluctuation ±0.3°C ( Fluctuation)
Temp deviation ±0.5 °C ( Deviation)
Humidity fluctuation ±2.5%R.H
Humidity deviation ±3%
Air exchange rate 0.2~2/h±5% ( Optional  0.2~3/h±5%)
Power supply AC 380V/50HZ three-phase power supply 4/5 wiring system
Starting power 25kw 30kw 36kw 44kw 50kw 55kw 65 93kw
Operating power 12kw 13kw 15kw 18kw 20kw 22kw 26 38kw
Overall dimension Depond on the design
Clean new air system Included as standard configuration
Background concentration of Formaldehyde Concentration is smaller than 15µg/m³ ,the lowest is 6µg/m³

5.Major users:

How to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde?
Since the harm of formaldehyde is so great, what measures should we take to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in our daily life?  

1、Use of activated carbon
It is undeniable that activated carbon can reduce formaldehyde concentration in air to a certain extent, but this method has some limitations. First of all, the absorption capacity of activated carbon is limited, and the adsorption of activated carbon is time-dependent, usually, a month or so can reach the limit of use. At this point, we need to discard the use of activated carbon and replace a batch of fresh products for adsorption.  
2、Open window for ventilation
Windows ventilation can be said to be a direct and simple way, through window ventilation can speed up the replacement of indoor air, timely and effectively will be harmful to the health of formaldehyde into the vast outdoor world. But it takes a long time for formaldehyde to be released completely, it can last three to fifteen years.  
3、Formaldehyde scavenger
Nowadays, there are a variety of chemical preparations to eliminate formaldehyde on the market, called formaldehyde scavengers. These products can decompose formaldehyde by chemical reaction with formaldehyde, thus reducing the concentration of formaldehyde in air, which is feasible in theory, but it will also meet various problems in use. Although formaldehyde is decomposed into formic acid and methanol, it does not mean that the toxicity is gone, and these substances also contain toxicity. Spraying formaldehyde scavenger on furniture, floor and other decoration sites, can damage the furniture surface or floor, and maintain the effect for a short time, only in a few hours to play the effect, after the effect can be completely disappeared. Formaldehyde And VOC Emission Chamber suppliers

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