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Product Description
PP cotton string wound water filter cartridges provide true depth filtration,high dirt holding capacity,and extremely low media migration.
They are a superior,one-piece cartridge manufactured using a high speed,continuous wind process,and are availability in a wide variety of lengths and porosities.
Especially significant is the availability of filters in an almost endless combination of media and core material to handle virtually any chemical and/or environment or temperature.
Technical Data
Micron Ratings0.5,1,5,10,20,30,50,75&100&150&200 micron
Polypropylene RecommendationPolypropylene material for non-organic solvent
Bleached Cotton RecommendationBleached Cotton Material filter cartridge with stainless steel core used for organic solvent, water, oil, alkalinity solvent, beverage, pharmaceutical
Maximum Operating Temperature140℉(60℃)for polypropylene
248℉(120℃)for bleached cotton
Outer Diameter2.5”(63mm), 4.5”(115mm)
Inner Diameter1.1”(28mm), 1.2”(30mm)
Nominal Lengths9.75”(248mm), 9.87”(251mm), 10”(254mm), 20”(508mm), 30”(762mm), 40”(1016mm) or customizedPP String Wound Filter suppliers

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