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Our History
Established in 2016 Shandong Anda Industrial Co.,Ltd. locate in Zibo city , Shandong Province, the Ceramics capital of China. At the beginning, we had only a small company with 6 people.In the following years, our company grew fast and became famous in the industry. Last year, we expanded our product range to include pipe wear-resistant materials and pipe repair products.Invested in two companies including abrasive product , silicon carbide and silicon nitride products, At the same time, we recruited 2 new employees, which laid a good foundation for the company to develop more international markets.
Our Factory
Shandong Anda Industrial Company is professional exporter and manufacturer. We have wear resistant alumina and pipe repair product line. And silicon carbide and silicon nitride product line.We have an experienced and professional team, 24 hours service for customer.
Our Product
Pipeline emergency repair, Wear resistant ceramic alumina pipe/ball/lining/brick, ZTA wear resistant ceramic, Silicon carbide ceramic, Silicon nitride ceramic, Aluminium titanate ceramic, Aluminium silicate ceramic, Wear resistant ceramic line, Abrasive tool & abrasive, Vacuum filter product.
Product Application
Mining classifying & concentrate cyclone,pipe repair bandage system, refractory materials, precision founding and anti-sliding materials, spraying and coating materials, pipe repair bandage system.
Our Certificate
Production Market
Australia, USA, Canada, North America,   South America, South Korea, JapanCustomized Ceramic Lined Cyclone

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