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Test bench for hydraulic valve
1. Reliable, Easy to Maintain ,compact and robust.
2. No heat, flame or spark risk
3. Infinitely variable output pressure and flow capability
4. Air driven Models do not require electrical connection ,easy to apply automatic controls.
5. The piping system with non welded connection
6. Seals system designed for long working life, No lubricated required.
7. Wide range of standard and customized liquid pressure test systems
8.The test fluid system and driving fluid system are separated; it is more convenient for test temperature control and test media diversification
9.There are three different control modes available: Manual control, PLC control, Computer control
10.The use of high-speed sampling card sampling test data (computer control)
11.In the testing process, the pressure can be automatically compensated; time after the bursting pressure decreased rapidly, pressure automatic stop system;
12.The protection of tooling, special design, can effectively protect the damage of blasting operation personnel and equipment.
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Hydraulic valve test bench features
1. Mechanical control, hydraulic servo displacement control can maintain the corresponding displacement of the angle of the swash plate
2. Release the control handle, the swashplate will automatically return to the neutral position, and the flow will become zero.
3. Good spindle oil seal, no leakage occurs even when the shell pressure is high in low temperature environment
4. Servo valve can be connected to function regulator and remote control system
5. The plunger assembly is easy to repair and can be disassembled using standard tools, so the parts and components are universal.
What we do?
TZYY is one-stop supplier in hydraulic industry over 20 years. We could be your solution partner, not just a product supplier. ODM and OEM are all welcome, looking forward to be your supplier in future.
According to customer’s requirements
1. Cartons
2. Crates
3. Wooden Cases
4. Customized
According to customer’s requirements, and we can give the suitable suggestions according to the order.
Manufacturing ability
Quality Certification
R&D Team
We are in ExhibitionHydraulic Test Facility for sale

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