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Our History
Fartovet company was founded in early 1998.Through GMP acceptance at 2006 of injection/orals solution/tablet/herbal medicine/intarammary /premixe/ disinfectant ,At 2017 build up a new production line of raw material of Iron Dextran powder and Iron Dextran solution (veterinary grade).
Our Factory
Our production line including:raw material .injection,bolus/tablet,powder,premix,oral solution ,intarammary ,herbal medicine and disinfectant.
Our Product
Raw material, injection,oral solution,bolus/tablet,powder,premix ,intarammary and disinfectant,herbal medicine.
Product Application
For cow,house,goat,sheep,pig,camel,chicken,duck,goose,pigeon,dog,cat,and rabbit.
Our Certificate
GMP ,manufacture license,iso2000.low price Spray

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