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2018 Big Swim Jets Promotional Jizz Fiberglass Hot Tubs for Winter Swimming Spa Pool With Massage Function for 10 to 12 persons
If your house always has a lot of friends and relatives to come by. Then our spa A870 definitely is the best choice for you. WHY?
Here is the reason:
1.large size: capacity is up to 9-10 people with 4 lady positions, 1 babyposition, and 4 tall people. It can provide you larger space to chat and play with  the person nears by you freely.
2.111 all stainless steel jets with three 3HP massage pumps give you an extrordinary full body massage experience.                                          3.The design is unique, the lines are beautiful, and the appearance is elegent. If you notice it carefully, you may find that design of the seats and the lounges likes the jesture of YES very much.                                    4.Fixed configuration with illuminated fountain, illuminated waterfall, ice bucket, 24 small lanterns, and also fiberglass bottom.                      5. Model images can be provided to help contributor customers propaganda this spa.                                                                          6.There are lateral jets in the lying position to better relax the muscles.
                              The configurations:Whirlpool Spa

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