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Unit Advantages:

1.Big flow,low head,performance is stable and reliable.

2.Pump motor is a whole,can dive operation.

3.Installation,maintenance is convenient,no loss working time consuming to find is center site installation work.

4.Due to the dive operation,can greatly simplify the pump station civil engineering,can save project total cost 30~40%.

5.Low noise,no high temperature in pumping station and improves the operation environment.

6.Can thoroughly solve the head big along the river,lake district pumping station of motor flood control problem.

Structure Characteristics:

1.Smooth geometric profile,excellent hydraulic model,and to ensure the accurate hydraulic performance.

2.Oil pump body oil cavity is lubrication cooling the mechanical seal unit,and become a leakage of extra barrier(built-in leakage protection unit).

3.The high quality of disposable lubrication bearing worry about running.

4.Terminal box with the surrounding liquid completely separation seal,with indepent seal assembly,eliminate effectively for cable damage cause leakage.

5.Unique cable seal design,eliminates the hidden trouble of the cable leakage.

Welcome to customize pumps with our factory or buy the finished series xyq large flow submersible electric pump with us. Xingyuan Group, established in 1998, is one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to contact us.Simple type suction in axial flow pump factory


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