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1. Application of the bottling equipment
PET Bottles bottling machine can fills various liquid for water, like Purified water, soda water, sparkling water, drinking water, natural soda, artificial soda, carbonated water, mountain spring, distilled water still water, potable water table water, flavored water etc. Its capacity is 6,000-43,000 bottles per hour, with different shapes and sizes, please choose the best bottling equipment manufacturer JUNSHENG MACHINERY.
2. Features of the bottling equipment
All the machine part which contact with liquid is high quality stainless steel 304. The relative fittings are from international famous bottling equipment manufacturer.
The drinking water filling machine was equipped with air conveyor and frequency control of motor speed.
This Drinking Water Filling Machine is comprised of rinsing, filling and capping system.
Rinsing part
Grip the bottle neck, rotate filling plate, inverse bottle; internal rinsing and external spraying make bottles be cleaned completely.
Filling part
Gravity filling with holding bottle neck; the special backflow type of the filling valve can avoid leakage after filling and also control liquid level accurately.
Capping part
Magnetic torque bottle holding type can minimize the cap damage rate and make the capping performance the best.
This drinking water filling machine owns the reasonable, stable and safe design. Under the condition that the bottle neck size is the same, only the output star wheel needs to be changed if bottles are different.
3. Products parameters of the bottling equipment
ModelRinserFillerCapperCapacity (500ml)Bottle SizeDimension
4. Certificates, patents and partners
5. Filling bottles sample of bottling equipment
6. Our workshop for the bottling equipment
7. Our exhibition and foreign customers
8. Machine package and deliveryWater Filling Machine suppliers

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