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The horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in industrial production like Powder,  viscosity material or cohesive powders,or mushy materials or powders add liquid materials. Coating, Dry Mortar, Amuscular, and Thermal Insulation Materials, etc.

It consists of U-vessel, ribbon blade, transmission parts.
Horizontal Ribbon Powder Mixer
Horizontal Powder Mixer
Working Principle
The ribbon blade is usually double layers or three layers,the outer spiral ribbon concentrates the materials from the side to the centre while the inner spiral ribbon transports the matetials from centre to side, shape the convective mixing.

The ribbon mixer has good effect to the viscosity material or cohesive powders,or mushy materials or powders add liquid materials.The cover can be designed fully open or flip type, which is convenient to clean or maintenance the equipment.

Bottom discharge, completely discharge.

Technical Parameters
Model CapacityPowerLengthWidthHeightWeight
EWJ-20000  200005566524600393023700
Professional technical supports & Processing Machines
Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.
We have lathes, grinder, drilling machine, boring machine, polishing machine, milling machine…etc.
Fine process center
Fine process center
Polishing center

Maintenance & Services
1.Before order, customer can take materials to our lab and make test grindings, spot-testing parameters like particle size distribution, obtain reliable data for model selection;
2.We provide you operation manual by chinese or English;
3.We offer you Videos for equipment installation and maintenance in both English and Chinese;
4.With three years of spare parts inventory to ensure normal use and make you to be in trouble free;
5.Within 12-months warranty period, we promise to change damaged parts free of charge by air or by sea;
6.After delivery, our professional engineer will offer on-site guidance debugging free of charge, according to different characteristic of materials, to set up the operational parameters of the mill and ensure optimal grinding quality & equipment running status;
7.After the warranty period, we provide maintenance and maintenance service, only charge the cost;
8.Meanwhile, our skillful grinding experts can offer you free professional technical consulting and service.
Powder Mixing Machine for sale

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