#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

A cover letter is a great way to make a good impression on a potential employer. In order to maximize its impact, it is important to include certain key elements which will make the cover letter stand out from the rest. Here are the must-haves for any cover letter:

Express Your Passion

When it comes to finding a job, passion is a big factor. Your potential employer will be impressed if you can demonstrate that you are passionate about the job and have a clear interest in not only succeeding, but helping the company succeed as well.

You can demonstrate your passion by highlighting the relevant skills and experience you have, and expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity to use those skills in a new role. Be sure to explain why you are a great fit for the job and why you are motivated to be successful.

Show How You Can Help Them

No employer wants to feel like they are just a place for you to land until something better comes along. They want somebody who knows how to make a difference and be an asset to the team.

Show the employer how you can be of value to them. Explain the strengths and successes you can bring, and the knowledge and skills that make you an ideal fit for the job. Make sure you illustrate how the company could benefit from hiring you with specific examples that emphasize what you can do.

Provide Examples Of Your Work

Providing examples of your past work and accomplishments is one of the most powerful things you can do. It demonstrates not just your experience and skills, but also your work ethic and dedication.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a portfolio of your previous work. You can provide positive feedback from past employers, or supporting evidence that highlights your successes in previous roles.

Conclude with a Strong Call to Action

You should always finish your cover letter with a strong call to action which invites the employer to further explore your credentials. Encourage them to contact you for an interview and let them know how you will follow up.

Make sure that you clearly state in the end what it is that you are hoping for. This can be anything from an invitation for an interview, to a request for a meeting to discuss the job further.

In conclusion, these four key elements should be included in every cover letter: expressing your passion, showing how you can add value, providing examples of your work and concluding with a strong call to action. By following these tips, you can ensure your cover letter stands out and maximises its impact.

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