10 Ways To Fight Attraction In The Workplace

10 Ways To Fight Attraction In The Workplace

Attraction in the workplace is a delicate issue that needs to be handled very carefully. There are many different ways to handle this issue and establish a safe working environment.

1. Have Clear Communication

The first and foremost step is to have clear communication with your colleagues. Discuss the boundaries that need to be set within the office, which may include avoiding anything that may cross any personal boundaries. This can include avoiding physical contact, flirting, or talking about certain topics.

2. Talk To Your Manager

Talk to your manager about your feelings and establish the boundaries to help avoid crossing any lines. Let your manager know that you would prefer to adhere to a workplace relationship policy to ensure that everyone is aware of your sentiments.

3. Dress Professionally

It’s important to dress professionally at work and to avoid anything that may be considered inappropriate. This can become especially difficult when you feel attracted to someone, but dressing professionally will help avoid any temptation and keep everything professional.

4. Discuss Your Interests

When talking with someone, make sure to ask them questions about their interests and hobbies to avoid giving the wrong impression. Talking about work-related topics or interests can help change the subject should the conversation move in an inappropriate direction.

5. Set Boundaries

It is essential to set boundaries in the workplace and to avoid anything that could be considered inappropriate. Some of these boundaries can include no physical contact, no flirting, and firmly sticking to the conversation topics.

6. Avoid Eye Contact

Eye contact with someone you are attracted to can give the wrong impression. If you feel like you are starting to experience feelings of attraction, it is best to avoid eye contact to avoid any temptation.

7. Avoid Isolation

Avoid having conversations or meetings with someone you are attracted to when no one else is around. This can give off the wrong impression and should be avoided.

8. Keep Communication Professional

Keep all communication strictly professional. Ensure that any conversations you have with someone you are attracted to do not cross the line and that everything remains professional.

9. Focus On Your Work

Focus on the tasks at hand and strive to keep your mind off of any distractions. This can help you stay on track with your work and will help avoid any awkward situations.

10. Take Time Off

If you feel like things are getting too overwhelming, take some time off. Remember that it is important to respect yourself and your colleagues. Taking time off can give you the time you need to clear your head and reset your focus.

By following these tips you can successfully avoid any attraction in the workplace and can ensure everyone is respecting each other’s boundaries.

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