25 Best Paying Jobs In Energy: The Complete 2023 List

25 Best Paying Jobs In Energy: The Complete 2023 List

2023’s 25 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

The energy and related industries are expanding and growing faster than ever before. With this growth comes a great demand for highly skilled and well-paid professionals to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from this prosperous industry. To help guide job seekers, we have compiled a list of the 2023’s top 25 best paying jobs in the energy industry.

1. Senior Energy Engineer

As a Senior Energy Engineer, you will have the knowledge and experience to lead projects for energy conservation, improving energy efficiency, and utilizing renewable energy sources. You will also be responsible for allocating resources, as well as designing, building, and implementing energy systems. Average Salary: $115,000/year.

2. Wind Farm Development Project Manager

A Wind Farm Development Project Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the wind farm development process, including planning, budgeting, and scheduling. This position requires strong technical skills and the ability to coordinate multiple tasks and teams. Average Salary: $92,000/year.

3. Solar Energy System Installer

If you are a Solar Energy System Installer, you will be responsible for installing photovoltaic (PV) systems and managing all associated components. Experience in roofing and/or construction is a plus. Average Salary: $80,000/year.

4. Electricity Trading and Risk Management Specialist

An Electricity Trading and Risk Management Specialist will have the responsibility for monitoring and managing market risks related to electricity and energy trading. You should have a good understanding of energy markets, accounting, and finance. Average Salary: $95,000/year.

5. Energy Efficiency Consultant

An Energy Efficiency Consultant will be responsible for providing advice on energy efficiency measures and technology options for businesses and customers. You should have knowledge of the latest energy efficiency strategies, technologies, and regulations. Average Salary: $85,000/year.

Other High Paying Jobs in Energy:

  • Geothermal Drilling Technician: $70,000/year
  • Renewable Energy Analyst: $75,000/year
  • Energy Legal Consultant: $90,000/year
  • Energy Software Developer: $80,000/year
  • Energy Storage Engineer: $85,000/year
  • Biofuel Engineer: $90,000/year
  • Energy Project Manager: $95,000/year
  • Energy Auditor: $70,000/year
  • Smart Grid Consultant: $80,000/year
  • Sustainability Consultant: $75,000/year
  • Commercial Energy Broker: $90,000/year
  • Energy Efficiency Technician: $72,000/year
  • Petroleum Engineer: $100,000/year
  • Energy Analyst: $90,000/year
  • Clean Energy Program Manager: $85,000/year
  • Solar Panel Installer: $70,000/year
  • Environmental Mechanical Engineer: $95,000/year
  • Geoexchange System Designer: $80,000/year
  • Offshore Wind Energy Engineer: $90,000/year
  • Microgrid Energy Consultant: $85,000/year
  • Nuclear Engineer: $100,000/year
  • Hydroelectric Plant Manager: $92,000/year

These positions offer tremendous earning potential and job security, but it’s important to remember that these are only estimates and may fluctuate drastically from one year to the next. If you are looking for a career in energy, it’s highly recommended that you stay informed on the latest industry trends.

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