How To Quit A Job You Just Started: 7 Simple Steps

How To Quit A Job You Just Started: 7 Simple Steps

A recent survey revealed that 30% of American workers have quit a job after less than six months. If you’re one of them, here are seven simple steps to help you quit the job you just started.

1. Consider the Reasons for Leaving

Take some time to reflect and consider the reasons why you want to quit your job. Do you feel overworked, underappreciated, or unable to meet expectations? Or are you overwhelmed by the workload, or is it a clash of personality with your supervisor?

2. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Whatever the reason, acknowledge your feelings, and be honest about them. This will help you to make a better decision about leaving the job.

3. Research Your Options

Look into the available options before you decide to quit. For example, is there an internal job opportunity you can pursue or could you negotiate a better role?

4. Stay Professional

When resigning, it’s essential to remain professional. Remember you may need a reference from this employer or you may need to return in the future.

5. Prepare to Move On

Start to prepare yourself to take the next steps. Polish up your CV, practice your interview techniques, and network with people in the industry.

6. Provide Notice

Give a two weeks’ notice to your employer, informing them you’re leaving. If you’re in a new role, you may only need to provide 24 hours’ notice. Show your appreciation for the opportunity, explain your reason for leaving, and end on a positive note.

7. Be Respectful

During your remaining time, stay professional and don’t air your grievances or get into office politics. It’s important to finish any outstanding tasks and wrap up your responsibilities.


It’s not unusual for employees to quit their job shortly after starting. The key is to make sure you:

  • Consider the reasons for leaving
  • Acknowledge your feelings
  • Research your options
  • Stay professional
  • Prepare to move on
  • Provide notice
  • Be respectful

By taking these steps, you can quit your job with grace while respecting the terms of your contract.

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