3 Ways To Age-Proof Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

3 Ways To Age-Proof Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

3 Ways To Age-Proof Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

As we all know, age is an important factor in our resume. With the increasing competition in the job market and the ever growing importance of our digital presence, it’s important that we make sure our resume and LinkedIn profile accurately reflect the ageless knowledge and experience we have in our field. By age-proofing our resume and LinkedIn profile, we can ensure that our skill set will stand out and make us the competitor of choice.

1. Highlight Relevant Work Experience

When it comes to showcasing experience, it’s important to remember that age does not have to be a factor. Focus on highlighting the more recent experience that is applicable to the role you’re applying for. If you have thirty years of experience but only five of them are relevant to the job you’re applying for, focus on those.

2. Focus on Your Skills & Knowledge

We don’t often think about it, but skill sets can frequently remain relevant despite age. Focus on the soft skills such as communication, problem solving and leadership, as well as the technical or industrial skills you may have. Make sure to highlight every single one that you possess, as it could be of great relevance to the role you’re vying for.

3. Update Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are up-to-date. Not only should you regularly update them with recent experience and education, but also make sure that the formatting is modern and streamlined. This will help make sure employers don’t focus on your age, but rather the valuable experience you bring to the table.

These are just a few of the tactics you can use to make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile age-proof.

  • Highlight your relevant work experience.
  • Focus on your skills and knowledge.
  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

By utilizing these strategies, you can make sure your experience and knowledge will reach the right people and that age won’t be an inhibiting factor to success.

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