5 Tricks To Kick The Worst Alluring Sins Tech Sellers Still Commit

5 Tricks To Kick The Worst Alluring Sins Tech Sellers Still Commit

In the tech world, some practices are just too alluring for sellers to resist. While these sins –especially those related to consumer privacy and contracts – aren’t as widespread as they once were, they should still be avoided. Here are 5 tricks to kick the worst alluring sins tech sellers still commit.

1. Don’t Over-Promise

When selling technology, it’s important to keep your promises realistic. Don’t dazzle your customer with world-changing features that the product doesn’t actually offer. Over-promising can leave to a dissatisfied customer, who may even be driven to explore litigious options.

2. Don’t Undersell

On the other hand, don’t underestimate the value of your product. If you’re offering something highly innovative, groundbreaking, and appealing, make sure to tell your customers. Otherwise, they might not realize what they are missing out on.

3. Always Stay Up To Date

One major sin for tech sellers is failing to stay up to date on the latest tech trends and news. By staying knowledgeable, you can make sure your sales team isn’t on the wrong side of a tech trend.

4. Treat Your Customers as Partners

Another bad practice for tech sellers is to treat customers as mere transactional entities. Remember that your customers are your partners and should be treated as such. Failing to do so can mean the loss of a customer, so be sure to provide the best customer service possible.

5. Be Transparent

The final alluring sin tech sellers should avoid is not being transparent. When it comes to terms of service and contracts, be honest and direct with your customers. This will help build trust and loyalty with your customers, and will make them more likely to return.

These are just five tricks tech sellers can use to avoid alluring sins. By following these practices, you can create a healthy, trusting, and successful relationship with your customers.

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