How To End An Interview With Strong Closing Statements

How To End An Interview With Strong Closing Statements

Interviews can be a nerve-wrecking experience which can make it difficult to end on a strong note. But a powerful closing statement can really help you make a lasting impression on your potential employer. Here are some tips for crafting powerful statements to close an interview.

1. Ask About Next Steps

Before you start your closing statement, ask the interviewer about the next step in the process. This shows that you are eager to continue in the process, and also gives the interviewer a chance to provide you with valuable information.

2. Acknowledge What You Learned

Before you thank the interviewer, take a moment to reflect on the conversation. Speak to something which you learned during the interview, or which the interviewer said that resonated with you. This demonstrates that you were actively listening and that you took the time to think about the information which the interviewer was sharing.

3. Reiterate Your Interest

Reiterate your enthusiasm for the position once more in your closing statement. This shows that you have enthusiasm and passion for the job, thus helping to make a strong impression on the interviewer.

4. End With Gratitude

End your closing statement on a positive note by expressing your gratitude for the interviewer’s time and for the opportunity to discuss the position.

5. Follow Up

To add a final closing statement, let the interviewer know that you looking forward to the next steps and that you are available for any further questions or information.

Ending an interview with strong closing statements can help make a strong impression on the interviewer and demonstrate your readiness to take on the role. By following the tips outlined above, you can leave a great final impression.

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