How To Start A Conversation With A New LinkedIn Connection

How To Start A Conversation With A New LinkedIn Connection

How to Start a Conversation With a New LinkedIn Connection

Having a strong professional network is of great importance for success. LinkedIn is one platform that provides everyone an opportunity to expand their network. Here are a few simple tips that can help you start a conversation with a new LinkedIn connection.

1. Start with a Meaningful Greeting

It is always a good idea to open your conversation with a meaningful and professional greeting. Depending on the context, use a suitable phrase such as “Hi there” or “Good Day” to initiate a conversation. In case you are connected to someone who you have met in the past, make sure to mention that in the conversation starter.

2. Introduce Yourself

After you have initiated the conversation, provide a brief introduction. Introduce yourself and what your expertise are. Be direct and describe what you do in the most precise manner possible.

3. Ask Relevant Questions

Once you have introduced yourself, start asking questions that are relevant to their profession or experience. Remember, you are are trying to build a professional relationship, so stay away from asking personal questions that could have an invasive tone beyond professional boundaries.

4. Provide Value

When you are sending a message, try to share something of value that could benefit the recipient in some way. This could be an article, a research paper or even a professional recommendation. Share information that proves that you are taking this conversation seriously.

5. Proofread & Send

Before you send your message, make sure to check the grammar, spelling and other errors. Nothing says careless more than a message full of errors. After you have proofread, feel free to send the message and wait for an appropriate response.

In conclusion, starting a conversation on LinkedIn is not as tough as it may seem. Follow these simple steps in order to create an effective conversation starter with your new LinkedIn connection. With the right approach, you can make meaningful connections that could prove beneficial for you in the long run.

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